Judith Cichock Landscape Architecture presents you with more than just the opportunity to enhance your property, but the chance to create a custom outdoor space to enjoy timelessly. I work independently so the plan that is created for you is done in a very personal  way to ensure that the design vision is consistent throughout the entire process. While I specialize in residential landscape architecture, the whole range of services I offer include:

  • Residential Landscape Planning
  • Commercial Landscape Planning
  • Landscape Lighting Installation
  • Project and Landscape Construction Overseeing
  • Existing Landscape Management

With more than 25 years of experience working in the Chicagoland area, I can work with you to produce a plan that meets your personal specifications and budget. Landscaping is a large enhancement and investment to your home and a proper plan ensures that your finished yard is everything you imagined. Landscape has the potential to be a reflection of your home, personality and lifestyle, and showcasing homes with the limitless beauty of nature is truly my passion. It’s overwhelming how drastically spaces can be transformed and how the proper landscaping can make a once landscape-skeptic a true lover of the outdoor world.

Landscape is my recreation, passion and fortunately my career. Allow me the chance to show you what your home can become and how something as two-dimensional as a landscape plan can make your natural world come alive.

With kindest regards,

Judith Cichock


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